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Pure Battery About Us

The foundations of Esan Battery were laid by Teoman Sunkar and Mehmet Reşat Birmiş in 1978 at 4. Levent. The company carried out its activities from there for many years.

Reaching out to foreign markets

Esan Battery always attached importance to development and started reaching out to foreign markets in 1997, today exporting 60 percent of its production to more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Expansion of workspace

In 1999, it carried its production and management activities to the modern facilities in Şişli Ayazağa with five thousand and five hundred square meters of indoor area, in order to fulfill its increasing business volume and growing organizational structure.

Industry pioneer

In 2005 it became the number 1 and founding member of the AKÜDER (Association of Accumulator and Recycling Industrialists)), authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Energy of youth at work

The second generation started to carry on business actively in 1998.

World brand

The branding process that started with Esan in 1985, continued with Esan Energy, Pure Energy, Ultra Vega and Ultra Esan.

Emphasis on quality

Esan Battery was qualified to receive certificate for completing the necessary works on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and completed its works for certification of ISO 14002 Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety.

Resolution renter

Fully closed battery production was initiated in 2008.

Step to establish joint-stock company

As per the aim to strengthen corporate identity, Esan Battery and Materials Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 2010.

Capacity increase

Completing its Expanded Metal Technology investment imported from Canada and America in 2011 Esan Battery reached an annual production capacity of one million and two hundred thousand.

New standards

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Automotive Sector Quality Management Systems certifications works were initiated in 2012.

Corporate communication in good hands

As one of the well-established companies of the industry, Esan Battery put emphasis on corporate communication in 2013 and continued its works of brand recognition.

Technology investments

New investments such as acid recirculation, charging system, use of robotic technologies, automation technology investments, automated packaging systems, plate curing oven, along with many new systems were renewed and commissioned in 2014.

Outstanding quality

The priority that Esan Battery gave to quality in all fields, were crowned with Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) membership in 2015.